Regional Western Australia offers untapped potential within the horror film industry.

The location of Quairading has such a unique and diverse landscape, ever changing with the seasons. In Winter/Spring the landscape comes alive with lush greenness, rolling fields of grain begin to grow, and paddocks of golden yellow canola flowers illuminate the horizon. In Autumn/ Summer the landscape becomes a harsher place. The fields turning a golden brown, the heat simmering against the roads beckoning with mirages.

The vastness of the endless blue skies during the day, and the blackness of night with the sky awash in a million stars.

The area is landmarked by huge monoliths, imposing backgrounds to the farms scattered amongst them.

The beauty of this landscape is also fraught with dangers.

Quairading is a farming community with a population of approximately 1200, producing cereal and grain crops, forestry, wool, sheep and cattle supported by rural service industries.

The district includes the localities of Quairading, Pantapin, Yoting, Badjaling, Dangin, South Caroling, Balkuling, Doodenanning & Wamenusking.

Quairading, is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Kwirading’ meaning the home of a small bush kangaroo.

Living in the town of Quairading, we have the community's interest and future at heart. The Unhallowed is as much a film production as it is a community project. Our aim is to have as much community involvement as possible, and therefore to give back to the people of our area. This will be the same with all our film projects. Fractured Visions is a Quairading Based Business.


We will be working with The Wheatbelt Business Network with a shared goal to put the employment of regional people as our priority. We have a list of jobs that will be available within the crew, that we will be offering to local people, and if those positions can not be filled locally, we will be sourcing to other regional towns in our area.

This is a Western Australian film for Western Australia people.

We pride ourselves on giving WA actors a go, and hiring WA crews.

With this film we hope to showcase the beauty of our Shire, and encourage tourism to this area. We hope to give back to this community by way of employment and scholarships for the youth. We want to put Quairading on the map.

The pink lake
Drone shot over pink lake
Sun beams over one tree hill
Pink and Grey galahs
Quairading Welcome sign